A maintained lease offers businesses enhanced convenience and cost effectiveness when it comes to vehicle management.


The benefits of a fully maintained operating lease

  1. Predictable costs: With a maintained lease, businesses can anticipate and budget for all vehicle related expenses, including maintenance, repairs and servicing. This predictability helps in managing cashflow effectively.
  2. Time savings: With a maintained lease you don’t need to spend time coordinating repairs or processing extra invoices for repairs. We have a network of authorised repairers across the country to ensure simplicity when arranging servicing, tyres or repairs.
  3. Savings on repair costs: With a maintained lease your costs are locked in for the term of the lease, future proofing against potential increased repair costs in future, take advantage of our buying power.
    Focus on Core Activities: With maintenance responsibilities outsourced to the leasing provider, your business can concentrate on your primary operations leading to increased productivity.
  4. No residual value risk at end of term: Simply return the vehicle at the end of term, (subject to the fair wear & tear and km limit).
  5. Regularly upgrade to a new vehicle: With our lease we are able to arrange regular upgrades to your vehicle fleet enabling you to keep up with the latest technology without the risk on resale.

What’s Included

In summary, a maintained lease provides businesses with advantages of hassle-free vehicle management, reduced downtime, and potential cost savings. This option is particularly beneficial for companies looking to streamline their operations and ensure the reliability of your fleet.

What’s included:

  • Regular servicing and maintenance
  • Warrant of fitness
  • Replacement tyres
  • Annual vehicle licencing

Since 2005 Euro Rate Leasing has been providing operating lease facilities to enable customers to lease a wide range of motor vehicles in New Zealand. Whether it be a van for your business, small fleet, the latest EV or even a luxury car we have a leasing solution.





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