Why Lease your vehicle?

Leasing proves highly advantageous for New Zealand businesses, offering predictable costs, time savings, and substantial reductions in repair expenses. With maintained leases, companies can effectively budget, thanks to a network of authorized repairers that simplifies maintenance coordination. Locking in costs for the lease term safeguards against potential future repair cost increases. Outsourcing maintenance allows New Zealand businesses to concentrate on their core operations, enhancing productivity.

Furthermore, there's no residual value risk at the term's end, with a straightforward vehicle return option. Additionally, leasing enables regular fleet upgrades, ensuring businesses in New Zealand can stay current with technology trends without concerns about vehicle resale uncertainties.


Fully Maintained Lease

This lease has all the maintenance included monthly for an easy mobility solution.  This includes all maintenance costs such as scheduled servicing, (tyre option available), battery replacement, relicensing and WOF

Non Maintained Lease

This option provides a great lower cost introduction to leasing and covers the use of the vehicle without servicing and maintenance costs included. You will need to pay servicing costs at time of servicing or repair.  We still relicense the vehicle annually for you.




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