ERL Leasing Fees


  1. A variation fee of $20.00 if we vary this agreement
  2. An assignment fee of $50.00 if we agree to an assignment of this agreement
  3. A refund fee of $10.00 if we refund any early payment you make to us.
    1. $10.00 if any payment you make to us is dishonoured.
    2. $35.00 if we engage a repossession agent to retake possession of the vehicle
  1. A late return fee if you do not return the Vehicle on the date/place of return. See paragraph 22 of the General Terms - Clause 22. When this agreement ends and you do not return the Vehicle when we say under paragraph 21, you will pay us a charge for each day the Vehicle return is That charge will be calculated as a daily sum equal to 1/30th of the Monthly Rental (incl. GST) from the date the Vehicle was due to be returned until the date of actual return (counting both dates).
  2. The default rate is the rate per annum (expressed as a percentage) which is our default interest rate displayed on our website at at the time of default. This is charged on any amount in arrears from the time you fail to make due payment until the arrears are paid.


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